Feeling liberated and confident

With Art of Boudoir, Gary Roebuck presents a distinctive style of boudoir photography that gives clients across the south east, from Surrey through to the heart of London, a boudoir photography experience to remember. Gary and Lucy are currently appearing in a Bridal Boudoir Series on Wedding TV. Gary is a multi award-winning photographer with a reputation for creating some of the most artistic bridal images in the UK. A creative approach to lighting, and an ability to create high impact, fine art images of all types of women, has earned him Associateships with the British Institute of Photography and the Master Photographers' Association – equivalent to Michelin Star status in the restaurant world.

Lucy Roebuck will be your consultant throughout your boudoir photography experience, and she'll be with you right the way through the process. You will hold an initial no-obligation meeting where you will learn more about the Art of Boudoir style, products and approach; you'll also discuss your own ideas and needs for the shoot. If you decide to go ahead, Lucy will manage the shoot (including recommending lingerie suppliers and hair and make-up stylists) and ultimately help you with the presentation of your final images. 


We're often asked...

What should I wear?
Your favourite lingerie; something you feel great in!

How much will I have to bare?
As much as you like (or dare!).  In many Art of Boudoir photography sessions, our clients don't bare anything beyond their lingerie.  It's a matter of choice, and it might depend on how you feel on the day.  We can discuss this at the consultation meeting.

What should I bring to my boudoir photography shoot?
Your lingerie and any favourite accessories you wish to be photographed in, such as shoes, jewellery or hair accessories. You're very welcome to bring more than one outfit if you wish, and then change half-way through the session. A dressing gown is also a good idea.

What should I do about my hair and make-up?
Your makeover is included as part of the session fee. Our make-up and dry hair artist specialises in preparing you for a fantastic boudoir experience!

Can you shoot in a particular style for me?
Each shoot is adapted according to our clients’ wishes, but we always retain the distinctive Art of Boudoir style.

An unforgettable boudoir photography experience

What if I am not good at posing?

Don't worry, we don't expect any of our clients to be good at posing. Noting your preferences from the consultation, we will gently direct you throughout the boudoir photography shoot to achieve the best results while leaving you feeling great the whole time.

I expect I shall be nervous...
After your consultation, you'll know what to expect. Once the shoot starts, you will rapidly grow in confidence as you see the resulting images! The way we photograph, pose and use light is designed to make all women look and feel fantastic and confident.

Are “real women” featured in your image gallery?
The women in our gallery are mainly professional models because many of our clients do not wish their boudoir images to be used by us for publicity. In reality, our clients also look like models when they see the final results!

Can I bring a friend?
Yes, this is certainly possible, but we do find that women feel more confident and less distracted when they are not accompanied by friends who are not being photographed. If you're worried, do remember that Lucy will be with you throughout the shoot.
How long will the shoot take?
Most sessions take around 1-2 hours but there is no fixed limit to this. We simply see how the day unfolds.

Where will the shoot take place?
Normally in our studio, but if you prefer, in a suite at one of the luxury London and Surrey hotels we work with. We can discuss the best option with you at the consultation.

When and how will I see the results?
Clients typically also visit our viewing studio within two weeks of the shoot to discuss their images and make their product selections.

Where are you located?
Our studio is in Epsom town centre in Surrey, but we also work in partnership with luxury hotels in Surrey, Sussex and London.

Will members of the public be able to see my images?

I am interested in your wedding photography?
We specialise in creative wedding photography within Surrey, Sussex and London. So please visit our sister site www.garyroebuck.co.uk. Our Surrey family photography studio is Light Republic Photographic Studio..

Will members of the public be able to see my images?